Soft Harbinger

12" LP
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"Zazz is the long distance collaborative project of Ang Wilson and Braeyden Jae. Out of mutual admiration for each other's musicality and expression, the project came to life when the two decided to develop a creative dialogue through sound, sending files back and forth with no pre-determined aesthetic or agenda. That space of not knowing and openness nurtures the trust and respect that guides the project. It allows for an honesty and presence that can be difficult to tap into when the course has already been charted.

The two pieces that make up Soft Harbinger came together over the summer of 2017. The album's first side, "Forever is a Distance," follows Ang's expressive flute playing as it morphs and changes through Braeyden's production and arrangement. The piece feels at once poignant and cathartic, reflective and triumphant. It is a singular voice, heard clearly in the stillness that surrounds it. The second side, "Garden Approach," embodies a distinctively separate mood. Water fills the stereo field and serene melodic flutterings abound. Flutes and bells come in and out, each adding their bit to an ever-developing melodic structure. Echoes of one blend into the echoes of the other in an impressionistic way.

Soft Harbinger follows the thread of gentle and pastoral work that Braeyden has pursued with his project, softest, and that Ang has been known for, both with their solo project, teasips, and with Electric Sound Bath. Soft Harbinger is the debut album from Zazz and it's a beautiful opening."

Zazz is Ang Wilson (concert flute, modular synth) & braeyden jae (digital fx, arrangement, keyboard). Art and mastering by Sean Conrad.