Ki Oni
Interview with Ki Oni (June 2015)
1. What are some recent inspirations?
Four Tet, Boards of Canada, Teebs, Yuk., bike rides at night, Uber pool rides, everyone at Dublab and KChung Radio.
2. What’s the last dream you remember?
Madlib was my manager at this ice cream shop and his music was playing in the background. It was very surreal.
3. The most ‘supernatural’ thing you’ve witnessed?
In Virginia, there’s an urban legend called Bunny-man Bridge. The legend is about a serial killer who wore a bunny costume and slaughtered children under a bridge. Apparently if you go to that same bridge at night you would encounter the Bunny-man. So my friends and I went one summer night. Long story short we got a flat tire because someone or something slashed them.
4. Earliest memory?
Watching Jurassic Park in theaters.
5. What’s your relationship with The Legend of Zelda?
I really like the esthetics of the games, The soundtracks are amazing and the sound effects are inspiring. Also, Link in Super Smash Bros. is my go to character!
6. Is there a visual artist or film maker whose work you think about when making your music?
My friend Peter showed me James Jean’s artwork and I been a huge fan since!
7. Which landscape do you resonate with most?
8. Who is responsible for introducing you to Godzilla movies?
I blame TNT for introducing me to Godzilla. They used to play Godzilla: All Monsters Attack (English dubbed) Probably the worst one out of the series. But as a kid, I was amazed by giant monsters. Still am!
9. What do you lose sleep over?
Anything that inspires me right before I go to bed. An idea will pop up and all I want to do is to work on it but it’s late. I’ll try to go back to sleep but if I can’t I take it as a sign to work on stuff. Or I’ll play a game of NBA 2K15, go back to bed, and work on the idea in the morning.
10. Words of wisdom you like to recall in times of need?
Keep doing what you’re doing. Things take time!
Ki Oni is the music project of Chuck Soo-hoo. He has a new album, Elephas, currently available at the Inner Islands Bandcamp page.