Happy new year to you all on this full moon in February. We are honored to present new work from Crown of Eternity, the heavy and revitalizing sounds of Dream Architecture. This album is available both on cassette and digitally at our store and on our Bandcamp page. Sending you all love out there.
Our Full Digital Discography is 90% off for the month of Decemeber with all proceeds going to the Fire Relief Fund for Victims of the Ghostship Warehouse Fire. This is our city and our community and we want to support it. May we be ther for each other and keep learning to love each other as best as we can.
Happy autumn and happy full moon to you all. We're excited to announce two new albums from Stag Hare and Channelers to ease us into the oncoming colder months: Velvet And Bone and Space Makes Clearing. These albums are available both on cassette and digitally at our store and on our Bandcamp page. And you can purchase them together at a discount. Hope you're all well out there!
We are elated to share with you the latest offerings from softest and Channelers. hidden guitar & water music and Arden Tapes are both available digitally at our Bandcamp page. Happy full moon to all of you out there! It is the Thunder Moon for us in the northern hemisphere and we are out in the Utah desert right now hearing it firsthand.
JANUARY 27 to MAY 28
All Over, US/CAN - Crown of Eternity will be touring all over the US and Canada doing sound baths, performances, gong workshops, and more. All dates here.
MAY 25
Stag Hare - Bloom - cassette
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