Far Drift Afield

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"An unguided tour of imagined landscapes. Sounds are let loose to mingle with each other, free of composition. Elements are gathered, tuned, and aligned before being set free to do what they will and go where they will go. Some might say, “songs don’t just create themselves.” …or can they? Far Drift Afield examines this idea, calling to question how much of a narrative is based in intention and how much is a projection, and where the two meet. It is perhaps the most mellow, serene, and ambiguous collection in the Ashan catalogue to date. Whereas previous works relied heavily on compositions going from point A to B, these pieces steadfastly stay at point A and settle in to explore the composition of the air, the texture of ground, the horizon line, etc."

Art and music by Sean Conrad.
Flute on "Gladly Given" by Katarina Rose.
Recorded through fall and winter 2017-18.
Mastered at The Gentle Ways.