Entrance to the Next

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These pieces are an expression of gentleness and vulnerability… This music is thoroughly embedded in the practice and process of improvisation. Surrender to the instrument, surrender to the dream, the vision, and let it have reign over the canvas. “After a certain point, all I do is show up to work.” The artist is present to let the work present itself and you never know who’s gonna knock on the door. “I just make sure there’s always something on the stove to feed this beautiful stranger. Perhaps it is a part of myself who is at the doorstep with a gift from the realms of the subconscious. Perhaps it is something else…” What wants to happen today? Perhaps it is something fluid. Perhaps it is something static. These are the pieces that showed up during a particular period of time and they seem to cohere and belong to some groundless, synthetic landscape floating in the clouds of a pink sky somewhere.

Music and art by Sean Conrad.
Recorded at Gentle Sound during the autumn of 2016.
Thanks to Steve, Braden, and Rosa.