Interview with Ant'lrd (October 2015)
1. What are some recent inspirations?
Musically, I’ve been really inspired by Ariel Kalma, Gardener, Sachdev, Palmbomen II, Strategy, Laraaji, Benoit Pioulard, Sam Prekop, Joni Mitchell, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Deuter, Blondes, and that Anugama tape you showed me. I’ve been really interested in extremely repetitive trance inducing rhythms. I was biking around recently, and came across this group of folks in a park playing a gigantic calf-skin drum. You could hear it from several blocks away, so massive. They would keep the same rhythm for up to 15 minutes before stopping. It was so hypnotic and booming. That’s been sticking with me pretty heavily. Non-musically I’ve been really inspired by staring at the ocean for long periods of time, trees of the Pacific Northwest, and hiking.
2. What is something that you sometimes pretend is real?
Speaking with my cat via telepathy.
3. A favorite meal to cook?
My grandmother gave me a really killer recipe for her squash and zucchini pie. I haven’t made that dish in a while, but once fall is in full swing it’ll be back in rotation. My partner and I have also been making really delicious veggie burgers out of kidney beans with tons of other delicious veggies thrown in.
4. What can make skateboarding so captivating?
I love the fluidity, the creativity, the sound of wheels on smooth concrete, and how much the sport has evolved over the past few years. The PostTony Hawk Pro Skater generation are doing the most insanely creative tricks now.
5. Why do you need music in your life?
I think if I didn’t have music in my life, I would be a very tense person. It’s my means of expression, and I use it as therapy as well as a creative outlet. It’s also an important form of communication for me. I’m better at expressing myself through sound rather than words.
6. What drove you to start the Ant’lrd project?
I was playing drums in a bunch of bands, and just got sort of burnt out on dealing with other people’s schedules & relying on other folks in order to make music. It started as sort of an experiment, messing around with keyboards & pedals. I got a 404 sampler, and that was when I got fully hooked on pursuing the collection & manipulation of sounds.
7. What non-musical or non-intentionally-musical drones are you attracted to?
Refrigerators & cicadas. Oh yeah also while I was in Canada, I went hiking at this mountain called “The Chief”, and there’s this massive Gondola that you can take to the top. I was sitting at a clearing for a while watching it move up and down, and it created a really beautiful drone as the car passed over the cables. I tried to record it, but I don’t think it translated.
8. Do you have any memories that you’re not sure whether they were dreams or waking life?
All of it haha.
9. Under what circumstances do you feel most comfortable playing music?
Usually in calm atmospheres where I’ve got room to breathe.
10. Words of wisdom you like to recall in times of need?
Take your time & be kind to yourself.
Ant'lrd is the work of Colin Blanton, who has a new album, Clouding Indefinitely, currently available at the Inner Islands Bandcamp page.