DECEMBER 2, 2021
Messages From One of Deeper Within, the supplemental collection to Another Entrance by Channelers is now available as a standalone release! It's available on our Bandcamp page and will be available on streaming services shortly. Also, through December 5th get 15% off anything at our Bandcamp with the code 'jade'. Thanks so much for all the support this year - it's really meant a lot!
OCTOBER 22, 2021
We're so joyous to announce a handful of new releases on the label! Steve Targo (of Inner Travels) presents his first new offering as Nimbudala with Universal Compassion. We're sharing our first release with Golden Brown, with his latest work, Gems and Minerals. And we're also presenting Channelers' follow-up full length album to last year's Isles Beyond with Another Entrance and supplemental release, Messages From One of Deeper Within. All albums are officially out and you can purchase them through our Bandcamp page. They are also available to stream.
JUNE 16, 2021
We're pleased to announce a new collection of sounds from Sean Conrad. Three Colors is an album of three pieces working with the idea of tuning sound to color. These pieces are meant to augment a space with a sonic-color tint. Each piece is a precise collection of specific frequencies tuned to evoke a particular color with subtle variations in hue and shade. The album is available digitally through our Bandcamp page.
APRIL 1, 2021
We are elated to announce the release of a new supplemental album by Ashan. Shadow Of A Flame is a companion album to Sacred Spring, which came out in Febaruary. It contains three new pieces as well as a couple of extended versions of pieces that appear on "Sacred Spring". It's only available digitally. ALSO we now have a 12" LP edition of Scenes of Scapes by Kenji Kihara. This is a limited run of 111 copies. LPs will be shipping out in early May.
FEBRUARY 22, 2021
We're excited to announce a new release from Ashan. Sacred Spring is a new collection of work made in honor of stillness, surreality, and the divine. These pieces were made using generative music and improvisational techniques towards the goal of creating a music born in the moment. The album is available both digitally and on cassette from our Bandamp page and on streaming services.
JANUARY 11, 2021
We are delighted to announce a new release from Path of the Sun, a new collaborative project from the artists behind Inner Travels and Lunaria. Their debut album features two long-form compositions that follow the trajectory of the sun, with its changing light invoking slowly changing sonic images and moods. The album is available digitally and on cassette from our Bandcamp page. It's also available on streaming services.
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