OCTOBER 4, 2019
We are pleased to announce the latest release from softest. in a way is a new piece of longform, hypnotic nuances, and shimmering subtleties. The release is available digitally on our Bandcamp page and feel free to stream it wherever you can.
AUGUST 30, 2019
We are delighted to announce that two new albums from Inner Travels and Ashan are now available. Nature Spirit and Transfigurations are two collections of slow-paced, reflective drifters to mellow into on these warm summer days. The albums are available on cassette and digital formats. Purchase the cassettes from our Bandcamp page and feel free to stream them wherever you can.
MAY 18, 2019
Excited to announce that we have a new release on this full flower moon from Soda Lite. Vale & Stone is a collection of languid musings to the rhythms of the birds and the forests. The album is now available at our Bandcamp page.
OCTOBER 24, 2018
We are joyous to announce a new cassette release from Channelers, Entrance to the Next, sharing some expansive, minimal, and devotional sounds. The album is available both digitally and on cassette through our Bandcamp page. Wishing you all well out there.
JUNE 14 - NOVEMBER 30, 2019
OCTOBER 23, 2019
Oakland, CA - Channelers, Gardener, K'in Sventa, and Infinite Neck at Pro Arts Gallery, 8pm, $7-12
Channelers - The Depth Of Rest (cassette)
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