Ashan - "Earth Magic Life Celebration" / Hear Hums - "Malaise" bundle

Bundled new releases: Malaise c64 cassette, EMLC c36 cassette, EMLC 36-page zine. Individual items are available at the store.


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November 6

Huzzah! New releases from Ashan and Hear Hums. So excited to share these new tapes and zines on this full moon. Check them out at the store and digitally on bandcamp.

August 25

The new moon is in the sky as we release the latest collection from Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite: Oceanic Triangulation is a four-way split over two cassettes. We are delighted this is finally in the world! Available at the store and streaming on bandcamp.

August 10

On this full moon we are ecstatic to announce a remix collection from Ki Oni's Autumn, In Reel Time as well as a new single from softest, titled of love and fear. Both are available digitally on bandcamp.

June 7

Summertime has come for this part of the world and we are excited to say that softest's music for rain: volume one and Ki Oni's Autumn, In Reel Time cassettes are now available! Check them out at the store. Have a listen on bandcamp.

May 20

Tape deal over at the store. Grab any 4 tapes for $15!

March 5

braeyden jae - turnings - cassette

Channelers - They Are Cloaked In Stars And Rivers - cassette

November 22

Salt Lake City, UT - Stag Hare at Pleiadian Portal

December 14

Emeryville, CA - Ashan at Droga (doors at 7pm, yoga at 8)

December 27

Salt Lake City, UT - Stag Hare, Eagle Twin, Cult Leader at Urban Lounge (9pm)

II033: Ashan | Earth Magic Life Celebration | cassette + zine
II032: Hear Hums | Malaise | cassette
II031: Hakobune/Oliwa/Former Selves/Panabrite | Oceanic Triangulation | 2x cassette
II030: softest | of love and fear | digital
II029: Ki Oni | Autumn, In Reel Time Remixes + Collections | digital
II028: softest | music for rain: volume one | cassette
II027: Ki Oni | Autumn, In Reel Time | cassette
II026: Peasants | Sawngs | cassette
II025: Tuluum Shimmering | The Sky Tree | cassette sold out
II024: Silver Antlers | All A River | digital
II023: Ashan & Kaliska | Ashan & Kaliska | digital no longer available
II022: Montibus Communitas | Montibus Communitas | cassette
II021: Oliwa | Time Immemorial | cassette
II020: Kaliska | Dark River / Welcome Light | digital
II019: Ki Oni | Tides | digital
II018: Hear Hums | EP | cassette
II017: Mike Tamburo | Presence | 2x cassette
II016: Ashan | Ancient Forever | cassette sold out
II015: Kaliska/Ashan | Completion | digital
II014: Hear Hums | Opens | cassette
II013: Kaliska | The Path We Make | cassette sold out
II012: Ashan | To Return To | CD
II011: gkfoes vjgoaf | Healings | cassette sold out
II010: WYLD WYZRDZ | Acceptance | digital no longer available
II009: WYLD WYZRDZ | From a Stone | cassette sold out
II008: Stag Hare | Sandpaintings | cassette sold out
II007: Nearone | Presents | cassette sold out
II006: gkfoes vjgoaf | Nature Eternal Striving | 2x 12" LP
II005: Stag Hare | Spirit Canoes | 12" LP
II004: WYLD WYZRDZ | Free Magick | 12" LP
II003: gkfoes vjgoaf | The Joy of Awakening | 12" LP
II002: River Spirit Dragon | River Spirit Dragon | cassette sold out
II001: WYLD WYZRDZ/Stag Hare | Antelope Island | 7"